R.I.P. Amar’e Lee

Sorry for all the sad news today but this is something that I definitely think needs to be recognized. I touched on this briefly on my Instagram page regarding the unfortunate passing of 21 year old, Amar’e Lee during Black Gay Pride in Atlanta over this past Labor Day weekend.

From my understanding, there was a pool party in Atlanta held at the host hotel for the pride event. Somehow, Amar’e ended up drowning in the pool and no one around him had even noticed for about 15 minutes. Allegedly, he had PCP in his system. There have been rumors spreading about someone possibly slipping the drug into his drink, but we don’t know the exact details as of yet. There seems to have been a bit of drama surrounding the situation with people’s stories not adding up so on.

This is such an unfortunate situation which I hate that I have to even be writing about right now. Let this be a lesson for all of us. I know we all want to be young and free, but fact of the matter is that we all could go at any day. Live your lives to fullest, but be safe and responsible while doing so. Also, as we attend these Pride events and as we travel in general, it’s so important for us to look out for one another. Please always keep that in mind.

R.I.P. to Amar’e Lee and prayers to his family

Listen to Jacob Kohinoor’s online radio show below, as a few individuals weigh in on the death of Amar’e Lee.

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