Protect Yourself Before You Eat the Cake Anna Mae!

As same-gender-loving men, eating the cake (more formally known as “rimming” or “oral-anal sex”) is a normal part of our everyday sex lives. Some of us like the sexual act of rimming while others aren’t too enthused by it. However, don’t think that this is something specific to the gay community. Heterosexual couples enjoy anal pleasure as well.

Some may think that they can’t catch anything from licking your partner’s rear end, but that would be a FALSE ASSUMPTION! Direct oral contact with the anus makes you more susceptible to Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) and other E-coli-y infections.


This is where the importance of dental dams come into play. Dental dams serve as a barrier of protection between you and your sexual partner. You may feel awkward about pulling out a dental damn before giving/receiving oral-anal pleasure, but it’s totally worth it!

Dental dams may not always be so easy to find. No worries, because you can make your own out of a non-lubricated or flavored condom. As you’ll hear from the clip below, be sure to lube him up and place the dental dam (or homemade dental damn) on top. Finally, it’s time to go work!


Here is an infographic on creating your very own dental damn. Remember to never use it more than once, and to only use one side of it (the clean side).

dental dam

Now that you have a bit more knowledge behind the art of oral-anal sex, it’s time put that dental dam to good use on your next rimming session with your partner! Now, you can safely and comfortably reenact that hot clip you saw on Pornhub or Tumblr the other night! Hehe


Check out this resource I found on dental dams at

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