Promo for New Rihanna Tour is Cool as Shit!

I’m sure you’ve heard, but next year Rihanna will be coming to a city near YOU for her new Anti World Tour!!! only says that Travis Scott will be opening for her, but Big Sean and The Weekend will also be special guests. However, I’m assuming they won’t be in every city.

Have you seem the Anti promo videos, which by the way are sponsored by Samsung, she has released in support of the new Anti movement?

Check out the latest visual below, #7.

These promo clips are very mysterious as they tell bits and pieces of a story with the use of visuals, sound, and no dialogue. After binge-watching all of the promo clips, I visited the tour website, The website then gave directions to open it up on my mobile device–so I did.

Usually I probably would have been over it at this point, but I had some time on my hands and decided to follow the directions. It was totally worth it. The website is a super cool interactive experience that places YOU, the user, directly in the story line that you’ve been seeing in the promo clips! I won’t say to0 much, but it involves sound and movement (on your end).

Rihanna Anti Tour PromoCheck it out for yourself by visiting on your phone. You’ll probably want to be connected to a strong WiFi signal.

Purchase your ticket for Rihanna’s Anti tour by visitng Ticket Master or by CLICKING HERE.

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