Pharrell & Janelle Monáe Appear on Ellen While Kim Burrell Gets the Boot

Unless you’ve been living under a rocker over the past week, you probably have already heard about the recent drama surrounding Gospel Singer, Kim Burrell, and her anti-gay rant. If you missed the cringeworthy video, CLICK HERE.

Using religion to validate her hate filled sermon against those who happen to be attracted to the same sex, she was axed from her scheduled January 5th appearance on the The Ellen Show. Janelle Monáe confirmed this a couple days prior on TMZ.

Both Janelle Monáe and Pharrell have been very outspoken about the recent comments made by Burrell. During the show, Janelle Monáe spoke to Ellen about her recent roles in film while Pharrell made it very clear that “there is no space for any kind of prejudice in 2017!”

I’ve been fairly quiet regarding the Kim Burrell situation until today. It’s not something that I’m surprised about because we all know that she isn’t the only one. On social media I made the following statement:

“I just read a comment that which says “I could not quite fathom how people make it their business to spread such hate and then do it in the name of GOD.” This is my opinion…

God is whatever you want it to be. People paint their own picture of God according to what works them. Further more, the idea of God is personified every time you refer to God as “him.” People have used the idea of God for both good and evil. “God” preaches basic moral concepts such as “murder is wrong.” But we really shouldn’t need religion to know that, along with a list of other things that just are not right.

The Down Side: People use “God” to justify and to validate their hatred. In regards to the current issue regarding #KimBurrell, she uses religion as her crutch to promote messages HATE. She is not the only one. You see, people like this can’t spread these messages alone which is why some of them work hard to obtain powerful platforms to voice their opinions and build their army. They thrive off of validation, but remember that GOOD doesn’t need to be validated.

We are supposed to be a progressive society. Each generation should be wiser than the previous one. I encourage everyone to learn to think for yourselves! Do your own research instead of relying on someone to form your thoughts for you. As a human being, put yourself in someone else’s shoes and know that anyone could be in anyone’s situation. Lastly, the root of every thought and opinion should be fueled by love, not religion.”

…and that pretty much sums up how I feel.


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