Orlando Victim Reunites with Man Who Saved His Life

One of the surviving victims of the Orlando tragedy, Rodney Sumpter, was pictured reunited with the man who saved his life. Rodney was a Bartender at Pulse who was shot three times during the attack. You may remember a young man by the name of Josh McGill being interviewed around the time of the attack. Josh is a Medical Assistant/Nursing Student who heroically helped stabilize Rodney enough so that he was able to make it to the hospital and get the medical attention that he needed.

Thanks to MTV, Rodney and Josh were reunited. Details of the involvement of MTV are still fuzzy, but I have heard rumors of MTV filming a True Life special around the tragic event.

See the photos below


Although it can be extremely difficult to find positivity out of horrible situations, I will say that it’s good to see how people come together after tragedy. I will always strongly believe that…

good outweighs evil.

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