Olympic Swimmer, Amini Fonua, Wants us to have Flawless Skin! [Men’s Skin Care Product]

Two-time Tongan, Olympic Swimmer, Amini Fonua, is the new Brand Ambassador for Raw Materials.

Raw Materials, is a men’s skin care line that takes pride in their use of raw and natural ingredients. Designed for men with active lifestyles, they offer a variety of products such as Skin Grit, Sport Fix Soap, and Face Stick SPF 30, just to name a few.

Raw Materials

I personally remember a period in my life when I was practically obsessed with using organic skin care products. My skin was at it’s best during that time. Raw Materials is definitely inspiring me to start being more selective about what I use on my skin, as I once was.

One product that I will definitely be ordering is their Face Stick SPF 30, which uses organic oils to protect your lips, nose, and face from the sun and other elements. As an African-American man, most people would be surprised to learn how sensitive my skin is to the sun. I’ve had countless numbers of vacations gone bad due to getting extreme sunburn on my face and lips.

I remember, back in 2010, that very uncomfortable plane ride home from Las Vegas as I sat while barely being able to move my face! I spent one too many carefree hours lounging around the pool area at the Rio, in addition to walking up and down the strip without having the proper protection for my face.

Recently I had the chance to chat with Amini and asked him about why he decided to join forces with Raw Materials. Here’s what he had to say:

“I was sick of going to the beach looking like a clown, so I wanted to create a sunscreen that would be great for people with more melanin in their skin, but need the extra protection.”

Raw Materials
Amini sent this photo to me during our conversation as he sunbathed with his Raw Materials Face Stick.

He also goes on to talk about his favorite product from Raw Materials.

“That’s why my favorite product is the face stick! It’s great for the face and the entire body. Unfortunately not yet waterproof, but most of the ingredients are organic materials so it won’t clog your pores or leave your face looking a streaky white mess.”

Check out the full list of products from Raw Materials on their official website, www.rawmaterialsmen.com. Also be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Raw Materials

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