Okay—Is Odell Doing This Sh*t on Purpose? Lol!

Why is Odell Beckham Jr. always caught in compromising positions? Lol

I’m always defending Odell and his behavior because it’s clear that he’s a free spirit and really doesn’t give a damn. That’s what I love about him. There are so many videos surfacing online of him caught doing “suspect type things”and the blogs have been talking. Regardless, he does not give two shits and HE SHOULDN’T!

Before I get into it, let me make it clear that there is no negativity behind this post. As I already stated, I’m 100% team #LetOdellLive! But–this is a website centered around gay sh*t so I must report, lol. Plus, even if Odell does have a few gay tendencies, it’s not like any of us could have him…


He’s the type where even if that was the case, it would literally be kept a secret within “The N Crowd”–if you know what I mean. Remember that video from a few months back of Odell checking out his team mates cakes? (click here if you missed it)

Oh, and what about the video of him and his team mate in the jacuzzi? Lol!

Well it looks like Odell is at it again with this new #mannequinchallenge. The New York Giants have decided to take the challenge to the locker room and this is how it turned out…

Did you catch it? LOL


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