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So I try not to get too caught up in how phine he is, but damn it’s hard!

Former One Direction star, Zayn Malik, released his debut solo album “Mind of Mine” in March of 2016. I’ve had his lead singe, “PILLOWTALK,” stashed in my iTunes library and have finally decided to download the complete album almost one year later.

With the exception of a few artists who have carried me through my childhood and teenage years, I tend to hop on music after the hype dies down a bit. Not to say that the hype surrounding Zayn has diminished, but I personally need to discover music on my own time.

A couple days ago I heard the remix of Chris Brown’s song, “Back to Sleep,” which features industry friend, Usher. I was surprised to hear that Zayn was on the track as well. You know that moment when you surprisingly hear an artist on a track and you say “ohhh shit” in excitement…

Yeah, that was me…

That’s what reminded me to download the rest of his album. I always knew that I would like the album, but I just had to be in the space (and mood) to get into it. All music has a place and time.

Long story short, his album has been in a constant loop all week! Technically, “Pop” isn’t a genre but I kind of figured that his album would have a “Pop” sound. I mean come on, he was in a boy band…

Sure it has a Pop influence, however I was pleasantly surprised with how much of a soulful influence was also fused into his sound. Anyone can release an album, but listeners can feel when an artist puts their SOUL into an album.

Download Zayn’s “Mind of Mine” on iTunes today!

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