Nobody Said That Life Was Easy


Have you ever felt like you’ve hit a speed bump in life that you can’t seem to get over? That seems to have been an ongoing theme in my life for the majority of this year (2014). I mean, I don’t know what happened. After I graduated last May everything seemed to be coming together. I got an internship almost immediately after I graduated which transitioned into a consulting position. That lasted for almost a year, ending this past May and I literally landed ANOTHER internship the same week that it ended. The new gig was perfect timing, however I wasn’t happy there. Needless to say I quit after about a month. Let me backtrack…”quit” sounds bad so let me rephrase that. I left the organization after a month because I decided to search for a new opportunity. Okay that’s better.

So here I am, about two and a half months after I left the last job and I’m still—UNEMPLOYED! Just saying that word makes me feel like a bum. The thing is I work my ASS off…applying to a certain number of jobs every week while still dedicating time to maintain this blog. But still, I get nowhere.

Now I’m sitting here second-guessing my decision to leave my last internship. Should I have sucked it up until I found another source of income? The few number of bills I have, have barely been getting paid while I barely have money to put gas in my SUV. Honestly, that last internship wasn’t putting much extra cash in my pocket anyway. Quite frankly, I’m 26 years old and I’m completely OVER the idea of doing an “internship.” That’s nothing more than a way for companies to save money by not paying for a full-time employee. I need a FULL-TIME JOB, not an internship.

Just in case you were wondering, I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. However, since graduation I realized that a lot of Graphic Designers get the short end of the stick. The job market is overly competitive and the average salary for a designer is only about $44,000. Excuse me!? Okay, I may have to make a few career changes. No wonder so many Graphic Designers freelance.

All I can do at this point is keep looking for opportunity. Honestly, I am TIRED! It scares me because I know I’m too young to be this tired…but I am. You know, it’s bad enough that my love life has completely SUCKED for years. On top of that, my professional life is turning into an epic fail. It just feels like there’s no balance, ya know? Not having a consistent cash flow can affect SO many areas of one’s life from bills all the way to your social life.

I read my horoscope today and it was a good one so…I guess that counts for something. In my mind it does. I keep reminding myself that I’m not going through anything I can’t handle. I’m stronger than I think and I’ll get through it! I want you to repeat that to yourself as well for those of you going through something right now. Nobody said that life was easy, so all we can do is be prepared for whatever life throws our way.

Stay Nspired,

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