Nickelodeon Makes History with First Ever Same-Sex Cartoon Couple!

They did it!

Nickelodeon has made history by debuting the first ever, openly-gay couple, in a cartoon geared towards children and teens. The animated series is called “Loud House.” Personally speaking, coming from someone who’s childhood was 80% Nickelodeon, this means a lot. Talk about progress!

“This is it–time to make history!”


Not only does the episode depict a gay couple, but it also gives us imagery of an interracial couple. The way the story built up to the “big reveal” was absolutely perfect, might I add.

Thank you Nickelodeon!

*Think’N Out Loud*

…and to all you hating folks who may not know any better–no, this is not going to turn all your kids gay. smh


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