Part 1 (Part 2 should automatcially play after)

Now I’m definitely not one to get into other people’s personal lives. If you notice, I don’t even talk about celebrity gossip on my blog because honestly, I DON’T CARE lol. But I DID want to check out this latest interview from XemVanAdams. First off, I support XemVanAdams, he’s definitely an “Nspiration” within the community. Second, I did and still do follow Amiyah Scott and her now Ex-Boyfriend Micah Dixon through Instagram, who I learned from this interview is only 20 YEARS OLD! He’s so young, didn’t realize that.

Anyways, support XemVanAdams and check out Part 1 to his interview, #ShoutOutToMicah – Amiyah Scott’s Ex Boyfriend Shares One Side Of Their Public Breakup

Don’t forget to support XemVanAdams and subscribe to his YouTube channel which you can get to by clicking HERE!


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