NEW WEB-SERIES! Tyson Anthony Presents Pharm The Series

Moments ago I finished watching episodes 01-03 of Pharm The Series presented by Tyson Anthony. For those of you who may not know, Tyson Anthony is also responsible for the series that we all love and adore, About Him.

There is a censored and uncensored version of the episodes available, so of course I didn’t mind paying a few dollars to view the uncensored version. Uncensored is more fun, right? The episodes follow the lives of Lathan, Quentin, and Pax as they deal with drugs, family, money, and LUST.


Filmed and edited with an artistic approach, Pharm successfully combines varieties of moods and tones that drive the story line. The dark undertone of the series plays a dominant role throughout. However, Anthony still manages to incorporate subtle humor and extreme sexiness without letting it overpower the narrative.

Check out these great reviews that viewers left on YouTube

youtube-comment-01 youtube-comment-03youtube-comment-02

Well there you have it. This is a series that you must check out! Of course you can watch the series for free by clicking here or watching the clip below, however it’s definitely worth it to rent or buy the uncensored version.

Did you enjoy episodes 01-03. Well guess what? As of today, Sunday, September 11, 2016, episode 04 has been released.

Visit to watch Business Man, Episode 04!


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