NEW VIDEO: Beyonce Surprises Fans with “Formation”

Well, it looks like Queen Bey has done it again! One day before her appearance during the Superbowl half time show with headliners, Coldplay, she surprises fans one with a new song and video titled, Formation.


The song is a bouncy and fun track while she tackles a range of topics from black beauty to her consistent theme of female empowerment. If you recall, fans and spectators held strong opinions against her and her hubby, Jay-Z, allowing their daughter Blue to wear a natural afro.

Check out this quote from the track below:

“I like my baby hair with baby hair and afros. I like my negro nose with Jackson 5 nostrils.”

Love it! I’ve also seen sources online that have claimed that Beyonce has had a nose job. I think that’s what she was responding to with the second part to that quote.

The visual to the track took things to another level while not only keeping viewers entertained, but also keeping us thinking about the concept. Beyonce and her dancers wore black/kinky inspired hairstyles from braids to afros. The video takes place in New Orleans while referencing Hurricane Katrina with scenes of flooded areas. You’ll also see Beyonce performing on top of a police car while it gradually sinks in the flood. Could this be symbolic for America’s police force visibly “going under” over the past few years while killing and attacking black men and women across the country?


This eventually leads to the young boy you’ll see dancing in front of a line of cops while wearing a black hoodie. The black hoodie is a clear reference to Trayon Martin (who’s 21st Birthday would have been a day before the video premiered). After the line of white police officers witnessed black excellence within this young boy dancing, the cops surrender and put their hands up in defeat.


Speaking of black excellence, was it a coincidence that Beyonce and her dancers danced in a hallway full of bookshelves?


Lastly, I noticed a strong presence of gay, black, men and the black church. The video starts out with narration from an effeminate gay man who I believe to be openly-gay, New Orleans, bounce music artist, Big Freedias. A few seconds in, you’ll see the back of an effeminate black man dancing against a wall with prayer hands behind his back. Meanwhile, a group of gay men are spotted dancing in a dark room with one light source from the window. It feels as if we are a fly on the wall witnessing something that is not supposed to be seen by the world. Immediately after this scene, the video cuts to the inside of a church where you will see a preacher with a look of disgust or possibly fear. More evidence of a theme of homosexuality is shown with the man dancing alone in an empty bar while looking back at himself in the mirror.

Overall this video was loaded with a lot of necessary conversation. The overall theme seems to use a sinking city of New Orleans as a metaphor for how the mentality of society is going down based on judgement and gossip.

Basically Beyonce is telling America to line up, get in formation, and get our shit together!

What do you think of Beyonce’s “Formation?”

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