NEW MUSIC: Lloyd – “Tru” [VIDEO]

Have you wondered what happened to R&B singer Lloyd?

The last big song from him that I remember getting a lot of airplay was “Lat It Down” which was about 5 years ago. Lloyd has been consistently delivering good music since the release of his debut single, “Southside,” in 2004 which featured R&B Songstress, Ashanti.

My oh my how time flies…

Lloyd is back with a new single and video for “Tru.” He pours his heart out in the mellow track as he sings about the struggles that he has been going through over the past few years. This song is extremely relatable because we all go through things and it’s so easy to let life get the best of you.

The video was directed by Payne Lindsey. He really does a great job in capturing the true essence of the song:

  • The dark, warm lighting
  • The close up shots of Lloyd singing his truth 
  • The raw, urban environments where the outdoor shots were filmed
  • The empty home

All these elements add to mood and tone of the song. I’m definitely looking forward to Lloyd’s next album which I’m sure will be filled with classic, mellow, R&B or “good riding music” as I like to call it.

Did you Njoy?

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