New Interactive Fittings Rooms in NYC

A Polo Ralph Lauren associate trying out the interactive fitting room.

Last week, Ralph Lauren began testing interactive fitting room at their flagship store in NYC. Created by Oak Labs, this interactive fitting room technology offers customers a different experience while trying on clothes.

Oak Labs uses “smart mirrors” as a touch screen which activates as soon as the customer steps into the fitting room. That’s right folks–we are now living like the real life Jetsons.

The large touchscreen will recognize the pieces of clothing that the customer is trying on and he/she will then be able to request different colors or sizes, which will then be delivered by an associative.

But that’s not all! The customer will also have the option of navigating between different types of lighting (White, Dusk, Club,  Aquarium) for a more customized experience. Now how awesome is that!?

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