When thinking about the idea of cheating, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is someone “sleeping” or having sex with another guy. Is monogamy natural for everyone? I always ask this question to myself based on the high number of people I know or know OF who have been cheated on at least once. I mean, who’s to say that we were created to be with only ONE person at a time?

As a disclaimer, for me personally monogamy comes natural. However, I still try to keep an open mind for individuals who may operate a bit differently in their relationships. What’s natural for me may not be natural for someone else.

Not thinking about the PHYSICAL act of cheating, wouldn’t you say that it’s natural to be physically attracted to more than one person? There are PLENTY of good-looking guys out there so could you blame him for stepping out just that one time? What if he still is ONLY in love with you, but his hormones just got the best of him?

This brings up an issue of COMMUNICATION. I’m sure you hear it enough, but communication is SO important for a healthy relationship. So many relationships seem to go wrong because there wasn’t a clear understanding from the beginning. Every relationship is different and sometimes we take for granted that the next guy we date will have the same ideas on what it means to be in a relationship.

For example, you meet somebody who has a hard time with being monogamous so he ends up cheating. Well—cheating in your eyes, normal in his eyes. Maybe a little communication would have avoided this misunderstanding.

Are some guys just not being honest with themselves about the fact that they are NOT MONOGAMOUS? That’s where it all starts in my opinion. If you can’t be honest with yourself then how can you be honest with someone else? Is there too much pressure from society for them to conform into these rigid ideas of what a relationship should be? Are they tricking themselves to think that they ARE relationship material?

In all, I believe that every relationship is different therefore you should communicate what you expect from him (vise versa) early on in all of your relationships. Don’t just ASSUME that you two share the same ideas on what it means to be together. Also, to you guys who still have some stuff to get out of your system—that’s okay! But be HONEST with yourself and with whomever you date. It’ll cut back on a lot of heartbreak. And of course—always be SAFE in whatever you decide to do!

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