Model, Broderick Hunter, Gives a Quick 1-Minute Tutorial on Shaping Up Your Beard

Aside from a handsome face, Broderick Hunter has a vibrant and silly personality. This makes him even more entertaining to watch. However, behind all that silliness, he has some serious style knowledge! I mean, he is a model so why wouldn’t he?


First impressions are important. It’s something that will only happen once and there are NO REDO’S. As men, it’s important to keep our facial hair clean and shaped up. Otherwise, we may be perceived the wrong way.

Think about when you go to a job interview and shake your potential boss’s hand for the first time. Also, think about a first official date with that handsome guy you met online the other day. Yes, first impressions are EVERYTHING!

Broderick Hunter is always looking very clean-cut and sharp in his photos. Regardless if it’s a professional photo-shoot or a spontaneous selfie, he doesn’t disappoint! He recently took to Instagram to share his secret to keeping his beard clean.

Check Out the 1-Minute Clip Below!

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