Mission: Stop the “F Word”

Stop the "F WORD"

Have you ever been called a F*****? Did this have an impact on your self-esteem? If you had a gay child, would you want his classmates calling him the “F-Word?” When you read this out loud to yourself (^^^), did you pause and mentally read the “F Word” because it was uncomfortable to say out loud. Well it should be!

“Yo, he fuckin’ F*G!”……that’s a popular saying I hear a lot. smdh

This “Stop the F-Word” campaign is directed to our ignorant brothers and sisters who still incorporate this word in their vocabulary and who are teaching their CHILDREN to do the same! Lets not forget, people have lost their lives over this word. Repost this on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook…etc) and SPREAD THE WORD!

#WORDSDOHURT #repost #thencrowd

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