Miguel Covers Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better”

The real question is, who sung it better?

I came across this gem on YouTube which features R&B singer, Miguel, covering Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better” from her latest album, ANTI. This moment was something that was completely unplanned. In fact, it was so unplanned that he had to read the lyrics on his cell phone, lol.

Regardless, I love raw and spontaneous efforts like this from artists. Miguel did an AMAZING JOB! The texture and tone of his voice made me feel like this song should have been his to begin with.

Man–I wish Miguel would stop playing and hit the studio and re-record this song so that I can listen to his version on the go. I definitely love Rihanna’s version, but I do think Miguel added something very nice to the song. Perhaps they should record a duet?

What do you think of Miguel’s Cover to “Kiss It Better?”

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