Michael Sam Signs to the CFL

Looks like Michael Sam will be making a move to Canada. Although he didn’t land a permanent spot in the NFL, Michael Sam has just signed with the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL (Canadian Football League).

It’s great to see that Sam has put his dancing shoes back in storage (DWTS) and has finally put on his jersey again. When Alouettes’ general manager, Jim Popp, was asked about Sam’s sexuality he stated:

“Yes, he’s the first openly gay CFL player. But he’s no different than any player we’ve ever recruiter. We recruited him strictly off his skill set, which is that he’s an outstanding pass-rusher. He doesn’t fit into everyone’s system in the NFL, but he showed what he can do in the preseason. He’ll get to do what he does best with us. Now, he’s gotta make our team, he’s got to understand the nuances of our league and all that. But we got him strictly off his skill set,”

Huge congrats to Michael Sam!


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