Men’s Grooming Inspiration Featuring Drake

Over the past few weeks I have been taking notice to rapper, Drake, and how he has been transforming his style a bit. While most of the world focuses on celebrity gossip, the only two things I tune into regarding celebrities are their TALENT and their STYLE. I don’t give two shits about all that other bullsh*t.

Of course Drake has been hitting the gym extra hard. As you’ll see in the Instagram snap below, he hasn’t shied away from showing off his results.

@ipushpounds early morning 🙏

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Aside from his obvious success in fitness, I have also taken notice to a slight change in his facial hair style. It appears that he has been rocking a much fuller look, while still keeping it at a fairly short and comfortable length. I absolutely love how the dark color of his beard contrast from his fair skin tone. This is a very clean and masculine look. Lookin’ good Drake!


You're never gonna be like Lukey 🙏🙏🙏🙌 @skeptagram #BBK

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Touch road.

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