Meet Mr. Right at a Halloween Party!

Wouldn’t you think that a Halloween party would be a great place to meet a guy? Okay, so this hasn’t actually happened to me, but in my mind it makes sense. You could go to the party dressed as Bert in 2016, and have your Ernie by 2017. Catch my drift?


Think about it…

Halloween parties already set a super fun tone where everyone has let their guards down and we tap into our inner child while dressing as our favorite characters.

gay couple halloween

If you’re naturally a shy person, no problem. You can easily hide behind your costume or tap into an alter ego which may give you the extra boost of confidence to go up to that phine guy and catch him off guard with a “boo!”


…or maybe flirty a “trick or treat.”


If he says treat, then…well…you know where to go from there…


Lastly, if it’s a invite only Halloween party, then you already are comforted with the idea that you are in good company. This may not always be the case, but in many instances it is. You’re friends with the host, therefore you can assume that he/she is a good judge of character.

Halloween is next Monday so I’m sure most of us will be celebrating this coming Saturday. Everyone have fun, but be safe as usual. In 2016 we have these things called Uber and Lyft. If you enjoy spirits (cocktails) like I do, then I recommend taking advantage of these convenient services. By the way, be sure to be good to your drivers!

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