Masculine Looking for Same

If you’re masculine, why do you have to say that you’re masculine? Why can’t you just allow someone to get to know you for who you really are and how you truly carry yourself? If you are naturally more masculine, then it will show. You don’t see heterosexual men saying “masculine dude looking for feminine women” in their dating profiles.

So what exactly is the root of the issue? What are you REALLY trying to say by making it known that you are “masculine?” Are you using that term as some type of code for something else, or are you falsely using it to make your profile more appealing?


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This was just a quick thought as I browsed through a number of dating profiles and noticed that a large number of them made it VERY clear that they were “masculine.” Are gay men who have feminine qualities less appealing? When I say feminine, I’m not referring to someone who may be extremely flamboyant, but more so an individual who naturally has subtle feminine mannerisms.

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