Male Cheerleader NAILS IT at Miami Heat Audition!

Twenty-eight year old, Keith Wilson, showed up and showed OUT at the dance squad auditions for the Miami Heat. While being the only male in the group, he and the girls did a freestyle routine to Beyonce’s “Run the World.”



Local 10 news caught up with Keith and questioned why he decided to audition for the Miami Heat dance team. This was his response:

“Dance and that’s it. It has no gender, it has no sexuality–it’s just dance, it’s an art.”

He also went on to say:

“The Heat is one of those organizations that’s open to anything. I’m pretty sure one day, it will happen.

Never let anyone tell you ‘oh you can’t do it because of this.’ Never let anyone tell you ‘you’re not good enough, you’re not small enough, or you’re not fit enough.’ It should always be, go for it!”

Unfortunately Keith did not make the squad, however he still holds on to his high hopes of working with the Miami Heat in the future.

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