Lube, Lube, Lube! [Reviews]

Sex is supposed to be HOT, sex is supposed to be FUN, but there is nothing more UNSEXY than someone not being prepared for a great sexual experience weather it’s self pleasure or pleasure with a partner.

Have you ever seen a sexy video, let’s say on Tumblr for instance, of some phine ass guy giving himself a much needed “massage” below the waist? Watching him getting ready to please himself is making you feel some type of way…until he does something that completely turns you off.

He pulls out a container of this…


I don’t know about you, but there is something about when guys masturbate with random sh*t that just completely makes me go limp.

If he’s using that by himself, what would he use if he was with you? Second thought, don’t answer that.

Part of the fun in sex is taking advantage of all of it’s fun accessories such as toys and LUBE that are offered on sites such as Adam Male or Lubezilla. Each lube offers you a different feeling and sensation which keeps things heated. Also, the cool thing about ordering from these sites is that they also send you samples of lubes that you may have not tried before.

Here are a few lube reviews!



Boy Butter is a thick, oil based lube that is perfect for masturbation and sex toy play. Though it is NOT latex safe, it is okay to use with polyurethane condoms. It takes a minute for its lubricating properties to kick in, but it is long lasting and easy to clean up!

It comes in different packaging for different amounts (5 oz, 8 oz…etc), but I personally recommend the 9 oz (pictured above) which looks like a mustard bottle. I had issues int he past with 5 oz push top bottle breaking.




The Wet Platinum Silicone Based Personal Lubricant feels great. It’s latex, condom, and sex toy friendly and is great for anal sex along with masturbation. The only negative about this lube is that the clean up is not as smooth as you may like. The cleanup is a bit sticky and does not wash off right away with water. <<<Personal Experience




Spunk is one of my new faves. The color is similar to a certain “bodily fluid” and is super creamy and soft. It is a hybrid of water and silicone based and EASY TO CLEAN. Spunk is great for masturbation and anal sex.

Regardless of whichever lube you’re in a taste for, remember that the sexiest thing about sex is to PROTECT YOURSELF! #Condom

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