What is Love?

So I asked you all this question on Instagram earlier today and got some GREAT RESPONSES! Now I’m going to give MY definition of love. I hear people all the time say that love is loyalty. I disagree with this statement. Love is MORE than just being loyal. I don’t know, loyalty seems too much like an obligation to me. When you love someone, you don’t do things just to be loyal–you do it because it’s in your heart and it’s your souls natural way of responding to LOVE!

You can’t always pinpoint why you are in love with someone. Sure, there are certain characteristics that you may adore about someone, but a verbal explanation for why your souls organically connect cannot be explained. It’s just a feeling that’s beyond what we as humans can completely interpret. It’s more of a spiritual bond that’s bigger than us. That’s what TRUE love is to me.


03-27-14 | 6:55 p.m.

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