Love, Lust, & SNOW! Snow Storm 2016

If you’re anything like me, you probably hate the now. Ironic because my birthday falls in the middle of winter. Regardless, snow is a reality for most of us living on the east coast. While we’re snowed in, we have to find things to occupy our time until we can make it out of our driveways again.

Thank goodness for Instagram and all the pretty pictures of this 2016 snow storm. It almost makes me enjoy the snow–that is, until I open my door and attempt to walk outside and immediately began drowning in this “winter wonderland”. lol

Check out these IG snaps from the 2016 Snow Storm

So it turns out we got some snow today in DC… #Blizzard2016

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Snow patrol 😎☃❄️ so so many activities to do 🙄

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(01.23.16) #SnowStorm #DCBlizzard16 #TrampolineLife #ImJustEric

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Lawd!!!!!! #Blizzard2016

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Poor Poe. #PurpleSnowDay

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Lmao I don't feel bad

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This is pretty much how I’m feeling ↑↑↑

…and meanwhile, while we’re all freezing in the snow, Odell post this snapshot of him looking hot as hell in the sauna–literally. #Lust

Don't sweat it.

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