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So this past Friday, my friend and I decided to check out Look Nightclub on K Street in DC. This is a cool place because it’s actually a restaurant during the day–which I still need to check out. The overall venue is AMAZING! It’s only one level, (actually one and a half. I know that doesn’t make sense lol, but you have to see it to understand) however the space is still VERY comfortable. I have a thing for high ceilings so I definitely appreciated the spacious feel of the place.

Before I even walked inside the club, I was already impressed by the big, neon “LOOK” sign out front. Don’t you hate when you go to a club and they have a cheap looking sign? I just feel like that sets the tone for how your experience is going to be. Well LOOK set the RIGHT TONE because I ended up having a blast!

As you can see from the pics ^^^^, this club got pretty damn packed! I really enjoyed the crowd, everyone was out to have a good time and the DJ was hot as well. He played music that actually made you WANT to dance. The bartenders were friendly. I stuck with my usual Vodka Tonic–don’t judge lol.

Friday night was a special night because there happened to be a FASHION SHOW which got us ready for the summer. Introducing us to the latest Magnum Underwear collections, we watched sexy male models work the runway. Between sets, we were entertained by a special drag performance by Riley Knoxx. She was FIERCE! Do people still use that word? Lol! She performed Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” and ended with “Ego.” I felt like I was really watching Beyonce herself lol. See a few seconds of her in action below!

Finally, the headliner for the night was sexy, fitness model David Mcintosh or KING David Mcintosh I should say. Promoting his 2014 calendar, we got to watch him strut his stuff on the runway wearing very little of nothing lol. If he, alongside the other models didn’t inspire you to go to the gym then idk what will lol. Definitely go support him get your copy of his calendar at KingDavidMcintosh.com.

DM Calendar

Overall, I had a FANTASTIC night at Look Nightclub. One of my new favorite spots in DC! If you’re ever in the area, I would highly recommend checking out LOOK and joining the fun!

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