Light Skin vs. Dark Skin


For the record, I understand that this issue is not only a GAY vs. HETERO issue. I’ve witnessed plenty of situations where someone is describing their “type” and they throw in something like “light skin” or “dark skin.” There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a preference but do some guys go overboard? Me personally, although I do prefer African-American men, I do not have a preference regarding ones complexion. If you look good, you look good–end of story.

Also, why do gay guys automatically relate “pretty boys” with guys who have lighter skin? Even on Instagram, the majority of guys who have “pretty boy” in their profile name are light skin. In my experiences, I’m always seeing men of different skin tones who I would consider to be pretty boys. Of course there is nothing wrong with being a pretty boy, but why do you have to KNOW IT? lol

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