Life is short, so treat people kind


I want to take the time to do this for a moment. I found out through Instagram like 4 something this morning that this young man has unfortunately passed on. His name was Darvin. I didn’t know him well, but I did have the pleasure of meeting him in Atlanta back in January at a hotel party. I went through his Instagram history and found the photo on the right. That was the night we met. We all were just having a really good time. He was SO WARM AND FRIENDLY towards me. He was one of the few people at the party who made an effort to spark up conversation with me a few times, which I really appreciated. Like I said, I didn’t know him well at all, but from our interaction in Atlanta that night I knew he was a WONDERFUL SPIRIT. I can’t stop replaying in my head when he walked over to me, held his glass up and we said “Cheers.” We were all just having a really good time and enjoying everyone’s company. Really a nice guy, I could tell. So sad to hear this news and all of his family and friends are in my prayers

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