Langston John Blaze Gets “Scammed” by an IG Model!?

I few weeks ago, John Langston Blaze contacted The N Crowd about posting an Instagram promo photo about the upcoming trailer for his book, The Underwear Drawer. For those who may not know, JLB is an Author/Actor who you may recognize from his recent role in PHARM the Series.


For the trailer, he booked a “Model” who goes by the name, @alejandroallo, on Instagram. I think it’s safe to assume that his name is Alejandro and from the looks of things–he enjoys posting half naked photos for all of his followers to lust over. Not too uncommon in the gay community, right?

A couple days ago, LJB posted the following tweet:


Earlier today, he followed that tweet up with the following…


And lastly, this is what he had to say about Alejandro…


Hmmm, this is a very bold accusation Mr. Blaze. If this is indeed true, it’s very unfortunate that someone would take advantage of a situation like this. According to JLB, Alejandro flat out robbed him of a round flight trip to Atlanta. Dayum homey!

I will keep an eye out on this story… #fixitjesus


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