Kevin Hart Under Attack by the LGBT Community?

So this stand-up joke made by Kevin Hart about his biggest fear has randomly been on trend lately. This happened a few years ago so it’s ironic that people all of a sudden have a problem with it today. Did he just recently say this joke again somewhere and that’s how the uproar resurfaced? Please fill me in if you know something I don’t.

I literally just watched it to see exactly what he was talking about and honestly, I did laugh lol. His delivery was funny and the fact that it was stated in the context of a joke makes things “okay” sometimes. Regardless, fact of the matter is that he wasn’t saying anything that most parents don’t think. That’s a fact! He recently released a statement saying something along the lines about this joke not really being an attack on his son, but being more based around his own insecurities.

I don’t think Kevin Hart is a bad dude, I think he was just being honest and upfront. Everyone wants the best for their child. Do we all agree with that statement? Clearly we are all aware of the struggles that the LGBT community have historically been faced with. Is what Kevin said something that can be compared to a parent being concerned about their son being black and how society may treat him?

Some may argue that you can’t control your race, but you can control your sexual orientation. This is a misconception that many people have. So many people are under the impression that if they can’t see it, then it’s not real. That’s a whole new argument because I’m sure that those same people believe in God, but can they see “him?”

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The only element of sexuality that can be controlled is how you choose to live your life. For example, if you are same-gender-loving, you can choose to date according to what you are truly attracted to, OR you can choose to conform to what is “socially acceptable.” The decisions is yours, but that’s the only CHOICE anyone has when it comes to sexuality.

There are people who don’t want their children to be gay because they truly want the best for their child and they want their child to be treated with respect. On the other hand, there are people who don’t want their child to be gay because they have deep hatred for gay people. With that being said, I think Kevin Hart’s statement should be understood within it’s context. After all, he did give a disclaimer about how he has nothing against gay people. Also he recently came out and stated that his joke was based on his own insecurities. Deep

I’ll conclude this by stating that again, I don’t think that Kevin is a bad guy. I just think that the same-gender-loving community is misunderstood and there really needs to be a lot of clarification about the topic of sexuality. Perhaps this is something that our public school systems should look into.

Sidenote: If faced with the ultimatum, I wonder if Kevin Hart would prefer for his son to be gay, but live his life as a heterosexual man or for him to be gay and live as a gay man. Which would be more acceptable in his eyes?

Also, doesn’t he have a daughter? I find it interesting that there was no emphasis on his daughter growing up and being a lesbian. The main focus was placed on his son growing up to be gay–like that’s the absolute WORSE case scenario. In some countries it’s ILLEGAL for men to be gay while it being LEGAL for women to be lesbians. Double standards much?

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