Kelly Rowland’s Girl Group Finally has a Name!

I’m sure you’ve watched BET’s, Chasing Destiny, as Kelly Rowland and Celebrity Choreographer, Frank Gatson, searched the country to put together the world’s next big girl group. The members include:

Ashly Williams

Brienna Devlogt

Gabrielle Carreiro

Shyann Roberts

Kristal Lyndriette (formerly of RichGirl)

Well the girl’s have finally released their official group name!

Drumroll please….

June’s Diary

It had to grow on me, but I like it. I’m curious to know what the meaning behind the name is. In addition, they released a new song this past Friday called, L.A.N.C.E. Allegedly, they are premiering the music video tonight at the BET Awards Pre-Show.

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