JUST N: August Alsina – Song Cry [NEW VIDEO]

I just downloaded August Alsina’s new studio album, This Thing Called Life, off iTunes a couple of hours ago. Let me be clear–I downloaded it off of iTunes! If you haven’t heard, August was PISSED earlier this week because his record label, Def Jam, “accidentally” leaked his album a couple days before it was officially leaked. Being the unfiltered person that he is, August immediately used Twitter to express his extreme disappointment with his label.

I feel bad for artists whenever their music gets leaked. Especially artists, like August, who put a lot of heart and soul into their work. Hailing from the artistic city of New Orleans, he takes his craft very seriously. Watching August on his interviews and listening to his music, I’m always sympathetic for the things that he has gone through in his life. I’m a Pisces, so I easily feel what others feel. He’s so young, but I always sense a lot of sadness and frustration from him. I watched an interview with him a few weeks ago on The Breakfast Club where he even discussed his battle with having suicidal thoughts. August Alsina has a fiery personality, but I’ll admit–I have a soft spot for him.

August Alsina’s first album was filled with so much soul and this new album is no exception! Song Cry is probably one of the most emotionally heavy songs on the album, and the video perfectly captures it’s essence.


Be sure to head to iTunes and download This Thing Called Life!


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