Trim Those Pubic Hairs!

Some guys may prefer a forest “down there,” but I’m simply not a part of that crowd.

A clean, well manicured “manscape” will do just fine. Some guys may feel as though it’s not “manly” to shave their pubic hair, but in reality, there is nothing sexier than a guy who includes manscaping as a consistent part of his weekly routine.

In fact, during my casual dating experiences throughout 2016, I stopped talking to a guy because I was turned off by the forest he had growing below his waist.


This made me wonder what other areas of his body were not properly attended to. If he were walking around with a booger in his nose, I would tell him, but this is different. Why would I embarrass the hell out of him by saying that I wasn’t attracted to his Garden of Eden style pubic hairs? If he hasn’t figured it out by now, he’s going to have to figure it out somehow—without me breaking the news to him.

Here are a few reasons why you may consider at least trimming your man hairs:



For one, it just looks better. Just like you’re sure to visit your barber every two weeks to stay looking fresh, you should also be showing the same amount of attention to your entire body.



In addition to aesthetic reasons, there are added sexual benefits of keeping your pubic hair under control. Pubic hair has the potential to hold a thick odor. Foul odor is the quickest way to ruin the mood during intercourse with your partner.

It Looks Bigger

The gay community loves to idolize a man who is “packing,” but fact of the matter is that not everyone’s genetics include having a big….


If you shave the right way, you make your penis appear bigger than what it actually is.

Oral Sex

Oral pleasure is something that most gay men love to give and receive. You want your partner to be completely comfortable while engaging in this act. Sexual intercourse should be something that is exclusive to one person. Since he has chose to share his goods with you, you could at least be respectful and be well prepared. The last thing you want to worry about is him chocking on pubic hairs that you neglected to shave.


Now I’m not saying to go bald eagle, but part of properly grooming yourself does include those weekly touch-ups. I’m sure you’ll feel better about yourself after the fact. There are plenty of body shaver tools that you can purchase at your local Target or wherever else, but I recently discovered that for me, disposable double-blade razors work best. Regardless of how you decide to get the job done, just get it done! 🙂

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