Is There a Lack of Black Pride in Spanish Speaking Nations?

I’m constantly having offline conversations about black culture. Although a lot of African-Americans in the United States have a high sense of pride in regards to their African roots, that doesn’t go for everyone. We all have listened to people who brag about the fact that they have Native-American or White in their genetic make-up as if that makes them more beautiful. SMH

Over the past couple years I have picked up where I left off on my personal journey of learning Spanish. While doing so, I have put in the extra effort in learning about different Spanish speaking cultures. One thing I’ve learned is that people of Afro-descent, in fact, AREN’T the minority. I have also learned that there are racial and identity issues with black people in Central and Latin America, just as there are in the U.S.

Check out this video that I came across by @Angel_IKYG as he pushes the idea that “Puerto Ricans & Dominicans Are Black.”

Here’s a fun fact…

The top three countries outside of Africa with the highest number of black people are:

1) Brazil

2) United States

3) Columbia



“The only difference between a Dominican, Puerto Rican, Jamaican, Haitian, Cuban, Bahamian, and an African-American is the boat stop.” Imagine what we could achieve if we unite…We are NOT the minority.”



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