Is Love As Genuine as We Think?

The idea of love isn’t as genuine as I once thought. There was a time when I thought that people got together for more reasons than sexual attraction. I thought once I began to throw myself into the world of dating, I would meet guys who would genuinely like me for me and everything else would be irrelevant. I wanted to meet someone who’s soul and spirit automatically connected with mine. But then I realized that those ideas may be part of the problem. How can something be genuine if you already have preconceived ideas on what it should be?


Think about your favorite entertainer. Beyoncé plays this ultra glamour girl on stage while these up and coming rap artists take on an ultra masculine/“swagged out” persona that will guarantee to have hundreds of groupies waiting outside their dressing room doors ready to bust it wide open. See that’s all smoke and mirrors, but really—who are we? Who are we behind the dressing room door? Would we be as desirable to others if they knew who we really were?

Everyone seems to be chasing the guy with the nicest ass or the biggest dick. I get it—we’re young and we’re horny. We may not always be young, but we’ll probably damn sure always be horny. But, outside of all of these surfaced ideas, what are we looking for?

So here’s another example…

When people brag about how “educated” they are or saying that they are looking for someone who is equally as “educated” as they are…

First off, what the hell do you consider to be “educated” and what does that have to do with the potential connection that you could share with that individual? In my opinion, folks who brag about their education are basically putting themselves on a pedestal.

I talk all this shit, but I can’t say that I’m 100% innocent from wanting to find someone who will add to my idea of a perfect relationship. Ultimately I do want something genuine, but there are some things that I look for which are very surfaced. We all have these ideas about what we want, and that’s okay! But at what point do these ideas get in the way of the qualities and characteristics that we really should be focused on?

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