I’m Trying, I Really Am…

I don’t mean to bombard you guys with my personal dating issues, but hey–I figured this is a better place to vent than using a Facebook status. It’s pretty much the same ol’ same ol’ with me. Same sh*t, new year. It’s the never ending theme of my dating life. Every day I ask myself,

why was I created to be attracted to men who aren’t attracted to me?

It just really doesn’t make any sense. Are all of us not meant to be in relationships? Not that I’m rushing the idea of being in a relationship because if that was the case, I would have had a few relationships under my belt by now at the age of 27 28.

It’s just that, ultimately a committed relationship is the goal. But how can that even be a possibility if…

Oh, I think you get the point.

Time to let the broken record play…


There are a list of guys I have in my mind who I could see myself with. However, it’s not a realistic situation. 99.9% of those guys are heterosexual. Again, back to my original question–

why was I created this way?

This has been a consistent “trend” in my life from elementary school, to middle school, to high school, to now. I thought when I graduated high school things could get better. But that ended the same way it ended when I made a promise to myself in middle school to be “straight” by the time I turned 18.

Unfortunately I don’t really have any words of inspiration to end with in this post. This is a more of a “can you relate to me” type of post.

I’m a hopeless case, I know…


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