I’m Sold on Luke James

Last night while being snowed in, I started browsing through iTunes searching for some good music to download. That’s when iTunes suggested Luke James to me. I previewed a few songs and they sounded like that smooth R&B type sh*t that I like to listen to late at night (lol). You know, that music that calms your stress levels or gets your creative juices flowing depending on whatever mood you’re in.

If I had to compare Luke James to any other artist, it would be Maxwell, hands down. James has a strong falsetta along with an equal amount of passion and soul behind his tone. He does a great job of fusing R&B with a light coating of electronica sounds.

The second track on the album, Dancing in the Dark, was what initially sold me on downloading the entire album. Check out the visual below!

WARNING: This video exhibits extreme amounts of sexiness. Lawd! #FallNLust

Okay, so I’m sure at this point you probably not only want to buy his music, but you also probably want to marry his sexy, chocolate self…lol



Be sure to download Luke James debut album asap. If you’re an R&B lover like myself, I promise you will not be disappointed!


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