I Had a Dream…

I Had a Dream...

Here I am–26 years old, one year out of college and eight years after my high school graduation. It’s funny how when you’re in high school you paint a picture of your future self. So many expectations for how you want your life to go romantically and professionally. According to my 18-year-old self, I would have had a career and probably would have had one or two serious relationships by now. Then you wake up at 26 years old and realize that you are NOT living in the picture you painted for yourself 8 years ago…

We all know that life isn’t meant to be easy. I’ve heard some say that your personal struggles build character—well it can also build frustration. Wouldn’t you agree? For me, I ‘ve had setbacks both in my romantic and professional life. In my late teens and early 20’s I put a lot of effort and energy into finding love. Looking back, that was a waste of my damn time. I should have been more patient…I should have put that energy into preparing for my future. Maybe I would have been a little further along than what I am today.

Typically it takes the average person four or five years to get through college. I just graduated a year ago. Granted, it feels great to have gotten through it, but it did take longer than I wanted it to. Now here I am trying to compete in this job market where companies don’t like hiring employees fresh out of college. That within itself is a post for a new day.

Alright,–ENOUGH OF THE PITY PARTY! Stop feeling sorry for your damn self and start making the necessary moves to be where you want to be in life! Moral of the story: we need to learn from our past so that we can create a better future. As human, we can be our toughest critics at times. This isn’t ALWAYS a bad thing because it pushes us to do better. However, it’s SO easy to always focus on the negative—but it’s ALSO just as important to focus on the positive! When we feel like the world is against us, it’s important to know how to LIFT OURSELVES BACK UP.

So again, here I am—26 years old…and regardless of my setbacks, I’m still working hard for what I want to do in life…AND SO CAN YOU! Never give up on your dreams. Turn them into a reality.


 Stay “Nspired,”


1:10 a.m. | 04.10.2014

This song just happened to play on my itunes while I was writing this blog post. Like forreal haha



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