“I Do It Because I Want to Stay Alive” – Don Lemon

“Let me finish!”

Don Lemon shouts as he was interrupted during a CNN panel discussion about the recent and ongoing shootings of black men in America. In the clip, Lemon explains how as an adult he has to address cops as “sir” in order to stay alive–something his “white counter-parts” do not have to do.

Watch Lemon Explain in the Clip Below:

I definitely understand where Lemon is coming from. However, saying sir is a form of respect, and we all should be respecting the police regardless of our race. Hell–maybe police should be addressing us as sir or ma’am as well. Still, with the current social climate of America, it can be hard to show respect to the police force when they are killing so many of our people. As the saying goes, “you have to earn respect to get respect.”

I was watching a segment on the news yesterday, and one of the anchors spoke about community policing. This is a concept that I’ve never heard of until then; but once it was explained, I was all for it. Here’s the Google definition of Community Policing:

“The system of allocating police officers to particular areas so that they become familiar with the local inhabitants.”

The way that the news anchor explained it, the benefit of community policing is that the Police Officers become familiar with the people of that community which creates a level of trust and respect between the officers and the residents.


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