How Will A Group of Black Guys React to Being In A Gay, Rap Video?

A social experiment conducted by comedian, Ben Bizuneh on F-Comedy, explores the level of “homophobia” among men in the black community. With the help of a few friends, he creates an entire scenario while posing as a gay rapper and including heterosexual black, male extras in his seemingly real music video.

Will the group of guys react how you think? Check it out for yourself below!


As you just saw, some guys reacted how we thought while others surprised us with their above and beyond support for an openly-gay rapper. One thing I thought was interesting was how even the guys who walked away from the shoot, still articulated a certain level of respect for the LGBT community although they were fairly pissed about being in a gay rap video. Although one guy did almost slip and drop the F bomb, he immediately corrected himself. That’s a start, right?

What did you guys think about this social experiment?


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