He Responded to Me on Jack’d, But Avoids Me in Person

So there is this guy who I see around who peaks my interest. When I say “peaks my interest,” I’m saying that with an open mind. “Open mind” meaning, I’m somewhat sexually attracted to him, but still open to the idea of being nothing more than just “cool.”

I was interested in him before I even realized he was that he liked dudes. I found out that he liked guys when one day I came across his Jack’d profile.

Well, well, well–look at what we have here.


Okay, allow me offer a disclaimer before we get too far into how I approached the situation…

Typically, I would choose an in-person interaction over a dating app, ANY day. However, something about this guy felt extremely awkward, socially speaking. Now for me, I definitely have a shy side, but this guy may have me BEAT!

Example: We would walk past each other in the hallway and as soon as I would part my lips to say hello, I realized that he was already putting in an extra effort in trying to avoid making eye contact with me.


Well damn, okay…


So here I am, almost a year later and I finally decided to say something–after a few drinks and and a second opinion.

I messaged him on Jack’d

“Why the hell did you just do that?” Of course I was kicking myself after I did it. It wasn’t that big of a deal, I know. However, because of the context of the situation, it was little more complex than an everyday message you send someone on some dating app. So get this…

We work together.

Too close for comfort? Maybe so, but I didn’t really care. After thinking things through, I came up with the conclusion that life is too short and I’d rather say something than nothing at all.

So meanwhile, about twenty-four hours later (hell, it may have been longer), he opens the message and replies. His response was just as friendly as my initial message.

Have I just opened a new door of possibility? 

Well the answer to that question is a big fat NO with a side of fuck you and fuck what you thought, because he ended up ignoring my reply. Since then (it may have been before he “read” my last reply) he did give me a weak ass “hey” in passing.

It was made perfectly clear that he wasn’t interested, I know this. It was odd though because he was somewhat enthusiastic in his message. Well–he’s been blocked since then so if he intended on ever replying, he would have to do so in person. Oh well, now I can move on and at least I know, opposed to wondering.


Is the work place the wrong place to find romance?

You know how you hear stories from back in the day when your Grandfather had to chase your Grandmother until she finally said yes? Is that the right way to go about it in 2016 or should you take the hint the first time?

Are dating apps sabotaging our social skills?



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