Happy NYC Pride!!!


First off, let me apologize because the website has been down for about a good month. It’s the end of Pride month, so it has been the absolute worse month for the website to go offline. 🙁

There were some technical issues that I had to figure out. Nonetheless…

we are back in business!


As most of you already know, this weekend people have flocked to NYC from all over to celebrate NYC Pride. Security was extra high for obvious reasons, so everyone was able to celebrate while feeling extra safe.

Headliners from this year’s celebration included R&B songstresses, Ashanti and one of my faves, Mya!


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Check out these snaps I’ve come across on Instagram of NYC Pride. Looks like you guys have had an amazing time.


Packed Space Rooftop Current Situation

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Liiiiiiiiiiiiiit…. Ashanti Live SUITE 36

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BROTHERN #LastNight @absolutelyponyzion

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Visited Stonewall today. Happy Pride. 🌈

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Out cheer!! #HarlemPride

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Make America gay again #natashalyonne #nycpride #loveislove #oitnb

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Super fun Saturday night #nyc #nycpride #nycpride2016

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***I’ll be updating this with more pics as I come across more throughout the day***

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