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I came across a very interesting article on titled, How Out is Considered “Out” for an Athlete? The author of this article is making a very bold statement about how ALL athletes who have “came out” should be celebrated. Although athletes such as Michael Sam and Jason Collins may come to mind when thinking about openly-gay athletes, what about the professional athletes who have came out in their personal lives? What about the guys who were inspired by the Michael Sams and the Jason Collins’ of the world to come out to their family and friends? These men are unaccounted for because they decided to keep it separate from their professional life, which is something that many of us do regardless of our occupation.

It doesn’t make them any less significant because they decided not to express their sexuality to the world. Must we, as gay men, constantly walk around waving a rainbow flag in order to be applauded? Some of us follow the old motto, “the people who know matter and the people who don’t know, don’t matter.”

I do believe that it was needed for a few professional athletes to “come out” to set a new standard of acceptance. However, moving forward are we going to make a big deal out of the situation every time an athlete says the words “I’M GAY?” Naturally, some people choose to live their personal lives quietly while others choose to be more open–and that’s okay! Perhaps it’s time to stop assuming that everyone is heterosexual and it’s time to be more open to whatever people happen to be.


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