Gay Men Idolizing Celebrity Couples

As I browse through my social media accounts on a daily, my timeline is constantly on overload with photos of celebrity “power couples” such as Beyonce & Jay-Z , Kim K & Kanye West..etc. Aside from the fact that people seem to be overly obsessed with celebrities in general, why do gay men put the idea of these “glamorous” couples on a pedestal?

As a disclaimer, it is understood that people in general, regardless of their sexual orientation, seem to be overly obsessed with celebrity life and popularity. Putting that fact of the matter aside, this post is specifically aimed towards the gay community.


It seems as though we are using celebrity relationships as our personal relationship goals. We see are a bunch of “pretty pictures” surfacing online, but in reality there’s always more than what meets the eye. We know nothing about these glamorized relationships aside from the fact that they are two popular people who happen to have a lot of money. It’s their JOB to play the role of the “cool kids.” So why do we get so easily caught up into this false reality?

Why are we not using the relationships between our parents as an ideal to work towards? It’s true that a lot of us may come from broken homes, but I’m sure there is at least ONE real-life couple in our personal lives that we can look to for inspiration.

In a culture where everyone is obsessed with men having muscles and women having good hair and curvaceous bodies, it’s easy to see how these obsessions could translate into ones romantic life. Are the majority of gay men a bunch of superficial beings that only care about looks (the majority of gay men who are accounted for at least…)?

Love should be genuine and love should be pure. It shouldn’t be about parading around in expensive clothes trying to make strangers envy you and friends jealous. In addition, a bad attitude should not come packaged with money and fame (or small-scale popularity for us normal folks).

Maybe the foundation was not properly set during our youth. After all, previous generations never really had a diverse range of gay men to look up to in the media. There’s so much more to life than it being about popularity and ego. I believe that’s a lesson that so many young gay men have yet to learn.

To give you guys a bit of “love inspiration,” CLICK HERE to view images of same-gender-loving couples who will make you say “awwww.”

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