Fly Young Red

So one of my friends sent this video to me last week and I was NOT EXPECTING what I saw lol. The name of the song is called “Throw That Boy P***Y” and the artist goes by the name of Fly Young Red. My initial reaction was “Why is he referring to a man’s butt as boy p***y?” (lol) and “why are all the back-up dancers completely feminized?” Well then I thought about it–this image may not represent ALL gay black men, but in reality it DOES reflect some.

The idea of this video being dramatic works in his favor because he GOT US TALKING! VERY GOOD MARKETING MOVE!!! In the video, he depicts two different extremes–the extremely FLAMBOYANT GAY MAN and the extremely THUGGED OUT, MASCULINE GAY MAN. As for the title of the song–we all know that men don’t have vaginas (lol), but the title plays into the extreme contrast between MASCULINE & FEMININE in the black gay community. So yes, this was a very dramatic music video and song haha. BUT– after the initial SHOCK (lol), and listening to the song a few times, I actually like it!

I can definitely hear this being played in gay clubs across the country. Also, after listening to some of his other music online I can definitely say that I DO LIKE HIS MUSIC. He has this song called “Get Money” which I FUCKIN’ LOVE! That’s actually my anthem right now lol. Also get into his “Partition” Remix. Fly Young Red has definitely caused some excitement within the community and we need to SUPPORT the movement. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing his music career blossom. I have a feeling that Fly Young Red has a lot to say.

Check out Fly Young Red’s Music Video for “Throw That Boy P***Y” BELOW!

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