Flashman Wade Introduces His Very First Photo Book

I’ve actually been looking for a good, artistically nude, male photo book for a good year or two now. You know, something to keep out on the coffee table…

or maybe the bookshelf during family nights. lol

Flashman Wade
Image: https://flashmanwade.com

Flashman Wade must have read my mind because he will be releasing his very first photo book which will be available in hard and soft cover. It is currently available for pre-order on flashmanwade.com. Technically, this isn’t is first photo book. A couple years back he released a smaller scale photo book released by photographer, Deon Jackson.

This new book is being released directly from his official website and like I said–the quality appears to be “coffee table” material. According to the website, there will be a limited quantity available. The soft cover is going for &65.95 while the hard cover going for $84.99. I honestly don’t think that’s asking for too much because it’s ART that you can get off to. Plus it’s the holiday season, so why not?

Oh and get this, there is a warning on the description that says “there’s cake involved.” Clearly, Wade knows who is followers are. 😉

[video link]

N Crowd, will you be buying Flashman Wade’s photo book?

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