Exploring: Black Queer and Trans Lives Matter


The Each-Other Project brought Black Lives Matter and Trans Lives Matter together to premiere the second installment of its video series, Exploring — the second conversation is #BlackQueerAndTransLivesMatter.

“Exploring” is an in-depth conversation highlighting the LGBTQ community. Its mission is to entertain and intrigue minds as it creates dialogue to explore topics and categories within our world.

This conversation was created by Donja R. Love and Brandon Nick, founders of The Each-Other Project. Tired of what seemed like a clear erasure of Black Queer and Trans people from the larger conversation, on Saturday, August 29, 2015, at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture (BSEC), the two brought four panelists together, Larry Fellows III, co-founder and former member of Millennial Activist United; Bryanna Jenkins, Founding Member and Director of The Baltimore Transgender Alliance; Samantha Master, member of the Black Youth Project 100; and Hari Ziyad, Editor-in-Chief of RaceBaitR.com, to sit down with moderator Alex Hardy, founder of TheColoredBoy.com, to film their discussion on media and societies portrayal of Queer and Trans people of color, accountability, and how our community fits into the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Specifically, the conversation explores the fact that of the 20+ transgender woman killed in 2015, over 10 were Black; the ignorance surrounding two of the three Black women who created #BlackLivesMatter being Queer; and questions if Mike Brown or Freddie Gray were Gay would the same uproar and protests exist?

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