EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Meet Tye & Tosin, the Co-Founders of “D8able”

This past Saturday, January 9, 2016, I had the pleasure of having a conversation with the co-founders of D8able! D8able is an LGBTQ matchmaking service founded by Tye Farley and Tosin Adesanya. When I first heard about D8able, I was instantly intrigued because the concept is something that I’ve been looking for in the community for years!

Sure, we hear about matchmaking services all the time, but in reality how many of those services actually cater to the needs the LGBTQ community? D8able fills that gap while also being ran by two same-gender-loving, men of color! Tye and Tosin offer tons of knowledge and advice on relationships and what it takes for a relationship to actually WORK.

Before you get into the interview, check out this clip below to become a little more familiar with D8able.

Check out my exclusive conversation below with Co-Founders, Tye and Tosin as they discuss what D8able is about, how it works, dating in the LGBTQ Community, and more!


If you’re tired of meeting all the wrong guys and think you may need a bit of help, visit:


Also, you can send an email to Info@d8ablellc.com or call at (646) 722-3335.

Happy Dating! #FallNLove

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